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Individual school project where we were given one week to create a product design, logo, brand it, and make a photomontage that fits the product.

ProTec was designed for the active man in age 25-35 years who love the rush of adventure. It's made for guys that dosen't back down for rough weather conditions. It's a product for those who care about the environment but demands a high quality product.

Adobe Dimensions, Illustrator, Photoshop and Keynote

Creative Brief

Target Client

Used tools


The project started with a survey of how other beauty brands for men tackles the market and how their product design looks. It resulted in an insight that it was difficult to find a product that belonged to the premium segment and at the same time aimed at a different target group than men in suits.

It gave a pretty clear picture of what product needed to be created. A stylish, premium product for the adventurous who has a great interest in nature and the well-being of the environment.

A mood board to clarify the feeling of the product were created. Sketched a logo which then was applied to a 3D mockup that were light sat and adapted in Adobe Dimensions. When the product finally were done, a photo montage of the product in an environment that reflects the product's core as a brand finished the project.