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Support Group Network is a network and umbrella organisation for immigrants in Sweden. They work on a global scale and have connections with the EU and other international institutions and NGOs. They approached Yrgo as they were in need of a redesign of their website and a new brand identity to showcase their organisation on digital plattforms.

SGN target clients are primarily reefuges and newcomers who seek asylum and looking for a helping hand to find a way in to the society to start a new life.

Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, After Effects and Keynote

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On this project I worked with fellow student Sofia Grönvall to create a box design element that could be implemented and adapted easily on both mobile and desktop. The colourful banners should be altered and create a playful and youthful aesthetic whilst the photography can be made bolder to show an edge and the severity of the matter at hand.

After ten different pitches from ten groups of 2 designers and 2 developers in each group, they choose our design and visual identity which is currently being completed.

My roll in this project were webdesign, logo redesign, visual identity, posters for comunication, social media posts, brandbook, presentation and I also put together a case film to showcase the organisation.