Branding/Strategi/Art Direction

E-Magazine  - NSM

As a degree project for the education as Digital Designer, Yrgo, the goal was to learn more about Webflow as a design and development tool, but also to learn more about CMS systems and databases. I therefore chose to turn my favorite magazine "Nordic Surf Magazine" into a digital magazine, primarily intended for iPads. The goal is to build an interactive platform with UX in focus but which preserves the exclusive feeling of a “coffe-table” magazine. Images and design had to be at the center of attention to give the user the feeling and experience of the articles in the magazine. Interactive content in the form of movies, moving ads and clickable product images are used to take advantage of the possibilities of a digital platform and increase user engagement. The result was an easy-to-navigate and interactive platform for a digital magazine that retains the feel of a “Coffe-table” magazine that mixes the best of print magazine with the benefits of a digital platform. A modern design magazine you can carry in your pocket wherever you go. Check out live site.