Branding/Strategi/Art Direction

UI/UX Design - R3 Reklambyrå

I was briefed to create a new portfolio platform for R3 advertising agency. It is part of an update for R3s identity. The main goal was to create a minimalistic and interactive platform that puts the design in focus. The platform was designed to work seamlessly as a responsive design from smartphones to big desktop screens. The platform was designed with Figma and Weblfow, were Webflow design was to prototype the animations. The platsforms welcomes you with a page load animation to quickly engage the user. I also created a interactive “Hot-Spot” for the top 3 cases with animates to the users scroll to give these important cases even more focus. All cases of the portfolio can be sorted out fit the interests of the client. They also ends up in a big “case-slider” to guide the user to explore other similar cases. At last I created case videos to showcase the work that has been done.